First Impression Series: Beauty Blender make up sponge

Who would have thought an egg-shaped sponge can be revolutionary and life-changing?

I am kind of cheating on this First Impression as I have been using the sponge for one week. BUT! For a valid reason. This post was originally slated for a rant or rave but I was too excited to share this discovery that I just have to share with you my dear readers ASAP.

I was hesitant about shelling out $29.90 for a make-up sponge. I mean, with that amount I can get a whole set of Ecotools brushes!

But let me break it down to you: this sponge is brilliant.

The moment i stippled the sponge to put on my foundation,  any hesitations and reservations were thrown out the window. OH. MY. GOD. I have discovered my holy grail product for foundation application.

Believe me when i say this, it is worth every single cent. and i can quantify my opinion  with reasons:

1) It delivers it’s promise of “no streaks”.

2) It cuts down my application time to three minutes. THREE freaking minutes. (I’m the type who will take my time to do my make-up base routine; primer+concealer+foundation+loose powder, and this will take me  approximately 10 minutes) .

3) Does not have the “rubbery” smell that you tend to get with new sponges.

4) The tip of the egg shape is my favourite part. It gets into the crevices around the nose and undereye.

5) You don’t really need the mirror. once you start dabbing, the foundation will be distributed evenly to your skin. No more uneven foundation “spots”.


With seamless foundation, it helps your make-up last longer as well. I find myself blotting less frequently or not blotting at all as a result.

Now that I have raved all about it, you must be wondering how does it work?

Just to give you an idea of how it looks like, this is a side by side comparison of one that have been soaked in water (afterwards the water have been squeezed out) and another one in it’s original form.

You are able to use this with liquid, mousse, cream, and even certain loose mineral powder foundation. Unless it’s for usage with powder foundation, the sponge should be squeezed till it’s just a tinge damp. For powder foundation, you can squeeze the excess water but do ensure it’s not too dry, else it negates the awesomeness of the sponge.

The recommended way of application is to “bounce” it off of your face or better known as stippling. It can also be rolled, but I personally have yet to master that technique, hence I am unable to vouch for it’s effectiveness.

I hope this review is just in time for you all to consider this worthy purchase and  to have flawless make-up for the upcoming Hari Raya and National Day celebration! 🙂

**Disclaimer: Product was bought with writer’s own money, and opinions expressed is writer’s own from experience. Thank you!

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