Reggae Skull and Running Man’s Haha Fever Hits Singapore!

Talk about T.G.I.F! We are sure many fans had a superb time on Friday evening catching Skull & Haha at Square 2 for their press conference prior to their fan meet on Saturday at Zouk.

This is the first time Skull & Haha held their fan meet outside Korea as a musical duo. And consider yourself lucky because you get a taste of the lineup for their upcoming concerts in Korea in August!

The mall was brought alive with screaming fans holding banners/placards and dressing up to the running man and reggae theme!

The chemistry between this duo is definitely amazing. When asked about one thing that has surprised them about each other, Skull claimed that Haha is a lot tougher and manlier than he looks. That equates to a high tolerance for alcohol too! And Haha cheekily replied about Skull’s hot body and in the meantime, he also got the crowd hyped up about the fan meet on Saturday!

Perks of promoting as a duo compared to a solo artist? Skull felt that both his and Haha’s background differences helped in finding a middle ground with their stage performances. Skull started as an underground artists while Haha is a well-known entertainer and singer. Besides, personalities played a part too and he agreed that they get along really easily.

Many were curious about Haha’s life as a new dad. When asked if he sings to his son, Haha gave us a sneak preview by singing “You Were Born To Be Loved”.

Haha’s new hair colour was also something not to be missed! He jokingly mentioned that he dyed his hair blonde to cover up the white hair but quickly added that a new image will be good since he’s married now.

Fans were also familiar with Haha’s betrayal image on Running Man. Questions is, will he ever change after becoming a dad? We loved how professional Haha’s reply was! He leaves this question to the programme and if it’s necessary for him to do so, he would definitely be up for it! He also claims that he can be an even a bigger betrayer!

And of course, Skull wasn’t given the cold shoulder. The crowd were enlightened by his jokes and the compliments he had for the women in Singapore!

The down-to-earth reggae artist kidded that he was jealous of Haha’s popularity after Running Man but quickly brushed the joke off and said that he really respect what Haha is doing and the opportunities that he’s getting. He also felt thankful and honoured to be able to perform with Haha in Singapore.

Skull repeatedly mentioned that there are many “beautiful girls” in Singapore and when asked who they would want to collaborate with in the future, Haha gave a reply of “idol groups” but Skull wanted to do it with the “beautiful girls” in Singapore! What a cheeky answer!

I also posed a question to Skull on his ideal type of women and he replied “someone like you”. He also asked if I was single and tried getting me to leave down my cellphone number! Well, that was a shocker! But at least it was a pretty fun answer!

And how could one leave Singapore without eating our local delicacies? Haha exclaimed that he would love to try chili and black pepper crab while Skull wanted to grab some satay!

We hoped this reggae duo had an awesome time tasting our local food! We would also like to thank LEAP IMS for extending the media invite to Skull & Haha’s press conference in Singapore.

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