“First Impression” series: “Blush by 3” by Sleek Makeup

Sleek makeup is the UK’s answer to US’ Wet ‘n’ Wild. This drugstore brand has an extensive range of products, the colours are pigmented, and the best part is, it is bank friendly!

In 2011, a dear friend from Ireland sent me Sleek’s very first Original eyeshadow palette. Prior to that encounter, I have heard very little about Sleek as it is not available in Singapore. However, when I tried the colours for the first time, I was an instant fan.

Not only are the colours pigmented, the staying power is pretty decent when paired with an eyeshadow primer.

Fast forward to 2013, when I found out that www.luxola.com, a local beauty online store, carries Sleek makeup, I could not contain my excitement. I ordered one of their blush palettes, Blush by 3 in the colour Lace.

As the name of this entry suggest, this would be my very first impression of the product based on it’s packaging, and my first swatch.

The moment I unwrapped the packaging, the first thing that came to mind, the middle shade of the blush reminds me of Nars’ blush, Orgasm. I will find out and update if it really is a dupe or just a close relative. 😉

I really appreciate the distribution of size of the blushers in this palette. It is not too big that it becomes bulky, and it is not so small that it seems ridiculous to even use a proper blush brush (Bourjois’ blusher, anyone?)

Orange shade on the left side is called Crochet, middle is Guipure, and coral shade on the right is Chantilly.

Based on my first swatch, the colours are highly pigmented. So I am making a mental note to not be too heavy handed with the brush unless I have this burning desire to emulate a carrot.

Overall, I am positive about this product and I simply cannot wait to take it out for the ultimate test: Singapore sun.

Disclaimer: None of the opinions expressed above were influenced by any parties. Product abovementioned was purchased using writer’s own money and the review is purely the writer’s own opinion. Peace!

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