Skull & Haha’s First Singapore Fan Meet: It’s More than Just Reggae!

Performing for the first time in Singapore, Skull and Haha brought the house down last Saturday’s evening with their high-energy performance at Zouk.

As promised, the reggae duo managed to deliver a passionate act which touched many fans’ hearts. And surely, it was interactive enough to get some of us wet!

DJ IT, who has a wealth of experience working with heavy weights in the Korean music industry, including Lee Hyori, RAIN, Big Bang, DJ DOC and Dynamic Duo kicked-start the evening with some sick beats and got the crowd hyped up before Skull & Haha hits the stage with their new single, REGGAErilla.

Throughout the 1 hour showcase, the reggae duo performed songs including Busan Vacance, From Fool To Fool, Ragga Muffin, Who Let the Dogs Out and many more.

The show was not just about songs and dances. Skull and Haha played a short game whereby 3 contestants were selected prior to the showcase and they were tasked to re-write the places sung in the chorus of “Busan Vacance”. The most creative entry wins. The winner not only received a signed t-shirt but also a free hug from Haha!

But that’s not it.

Skull also flaunt his singlish skills by mentioning that there were lots of “chio bus” (pretty girl) in the club!  Wow wow. This guy is definitely a keeper!

The reggae duo left the show merely after 30 minutes but the crowd was smart enough to get the encore hint which Skull mentioned before the last song. And before we knew it, Skull & Haha were back to rock the stage once more!

And what’s a show without any fan service? Well, if you are thinking of  just some random “hand-grabbing” moments and “I love Singapore” shoutouts, then you are absolutely wrong! Skull & Haha went all the way by preparing ample gifts, ranging from placards to posters and even the t-shirt and towel Haha worn and used were not spared! These gifts definitely got many fans jumping for joy and the criteria to get your hands on them? Just party hard!

But sadly all good things must come to an end. Before the last song, Liquor Bottle, Haha requested the lights to be turned off and the audience to switch on their mobile phone’s flashlight. Haha added that the purpose behind this was that the audience are the “light of his life”. After which, Skull and Haha gave a thank you speech and urged everyone to stick together like sticky rice cakes!

Awww! We really love their sincerity!

Once the lights were turned on, both Haha & Skull went around again thanking as many fans as they could. The sporty duo also took the chance to leave memories on their fan’s phones before saying goodbye.

3 thoughts on “Skull & Haha’s First Singapore Fan Meet: It’s More than Just Reggae!

  1. Hi Siew Yee,

    Thank you very much for this wonderfully written write-up on Skull & Haha’s First Showcase and the Press Conference write-up in your earlier post. Thank you for sharing these pics too! Really appreciate it!

    Best Regards,

    Skull & Haha Singapore Fanbase

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