Having opened for Switchfoot in 2011, Busco, a Malaysian  band, has been making a name for themselves. Now, they are busy touring around Asia and will be stopping by Singapore this week for Baybeats.

Passion and their love for music have brought these friends together to form Busco. Started in 2007, the band was known as Bus Company. However, a change in direction of where the band is heading to have made them realised that the name does not sound cool or mature enough.

Hence, they turned to their other best friend, Google, for help. Two things showed up. They found that Busco originates from a Spanish word and it stands for “in search of” or “to find” which has meanings to it unlike the old band’s name. Should I share with you what is the other thing that popped out on Google? Let me give you a clue. Four letters and it starts with P. Get it?

Credit: Busco Facebook Page

In 2011, Busco launched their first EP, In Search Of, which contains five songs. What makes the launch even more meaningful is that 50% of the sale of the cd will be donated to Harvest Centre, an educational centre for unprivileged kids. Currently, they are working on a second single.

Switchfoot has been one of the connecting points for the band. Switchfoot has been a major inspiration for them and having to play in front of their hero, Jon Foreman, frontman of Switchfoot was an unforgettable experience since he was there to watch them play. It was just a priceless moment for the band.

When asked what we can expect for their performance for Baybeats, they asked us to think about Malaysian food. That is what they are, a different flavor. Sounds yummy! Since Singaporeans love food from all over the world, I guess they will not have any problems gaining new fans. Speaking of food, the fruit, banana is what Busco is all about. I think it refers to their personality, having fun and go crazy? Going bananas?

Here are some random facts about Busco:

1) One of them speaks fluent Thai.

2) One of them is going to get hitched. (sorry ladies)

3) Two of them also play in another kick ass band.

4) Before getting on stage, they have this ritual of doing the moon dance. (I’m sure many of us would love to see that!)

5) They have a HUGE thing for Bundaberg’s Root Beer.

Still have no plans for Sunday? Why not spend time with Samuel Oh, Larry Chew, Eugene Goh and Darren Ashley from Busco and get to know them! Also, you need to witness them interchange their instruments amongst themselves during their sets. This will be interesting. I would love to witness that!

Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter and Soundcloud, like them on Facebook and subscribe to their  YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/wearebusco/videos for updates!

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