Nail Art Limelight: Chalkboard Nails

One of the very first accounts  I followed when I started doing nail art was Chalkboard Nails.

(Credit: Chalkboard Nails)

So many reasons why I love her account and her!

One, her nail photographs are always so dazzling and her nails just look so perfect.

Two, her nail art is fabulous! She comes up with her own creative designs and they never fail to disappoint.

Three, she owns a blog over at Reading her blog makes me happy because she will describe how her nail art was done, how she did her nails and tips and tricks as well.

Four, she has also tutorials AND video tutorials now! How fantastic is that?

I, as a loyal fan, is truly truly excited for more nail art tutorials from her to come.

(Credit: Chalkboard Nails)

Check this manicure she did! I have never seen anything like that before. It’s so innovative! It actually looks like furry/ fluffy stars and it looks so adorable! Definitely in love with these nails. It’s going on my to-do list, but before that I need a textured polish.

This is an amazing video tutorial of a design she got from a runway fashion show, and also added some floral designs on the accent finger. I like how she is always so creative!

(Credit: Chalkboard Nails)

(Credit: Chalkboard Nails)

Check out her blog for more nail art! We will feature nail art artistes from all over the world so stay tuned! 🙂

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