1 World Music Festival: Phase 2

The long awaited announcement is finally out.

For Phase 2, we have Snoop Lion aka Snoop Dogg and Moby DJ.

Snoop Lion has sold over 30 millions album worldwide. Earlier this year, his documentary film, Reincarnated, was released to theaters. The documentary is about his explorations of reggae and Rastafarian culture. Reincarnated is also the name of his new album which was out in April.

Moby DJ is an American singer-songwriter, musician, DJ and photographer. Moby has worked with Michael Jackson, Daft Punk, Pet Shop Boys, Britney Spears, Gun N’ Roses and the list goes on.

I’m excited for Phase 3. You have to wait for a month for the next announcement. Do follow 1 World Music Festival on Twitter and Facebook Page for updates and giveaways. You stand a chance to win tickets to the festivals.

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