Dropbeat Heartbeat

Saying the phrase Dropbeat Heartbeat gives you a sense that it is something fun and makes you think that it is part of a pop song’s lyrics. That is exactly what the band, Dropbeat Heartbeat wants you to feel about them; pop and easy to listen to. Dropbeat Heartbeat wants you to  party and go crazy when you listen to their music.

Dropbeat Heartbeat will be performing for Baybeats next week. I had the chance to interview two of their members, Matin and Ro.

So how did the boys decided to name the band, Dropbeat Heartbeat?

Credit: Dropbeat Heartbeat

They got the idea from the song, Heartbeart, by Stereo Skyline and from a biology class where they were learning about hearts. Interesting combination!

Formed by Matin Wallister and Rozaihan Ramlan, Dropbeat Heartbeat was formed during their secondary school days. Both of them were looking for other passionate performers and they got to know the other members; Sham Ma’Arif, Shafiq Hameed and Andriel Fong through an online musician’s forum. This is one of the advantages of technology where you are able to find like minded people.

Gathering from their interview answers you will know that they are a fun and funny boys to hang out with. Let me share with you some fun and random facts about them. I bet you cannot stop laughing at some of it.

They have seen each other naked. They give each other nicknames such as Wong Fei Hong (Andriel) and Ali Mamak (Shafiq). They love playing shows for any event as long as there are chicks and ice cream.

Speaking of ice cream, the boys described themselves as a giant bowl of banana split when I asked them to name a dessert to describe the band. Their love for banana is one of the reason why they chose banana split. This banana split is unique as it comes with five different flavoured ice cream. Not only that, there will be something hidden at the bottom of the bowl, a toy, to be specific. This band is full of surprises. Why does this remind me of someone proposing where they will hide the ring in the food? HAHA! To top it off, they might add some cookie crumbs and rainbow sprinkles with chocolate syrup as the topping.

Dropbeat Heartbeat just released their single, Somebody Loved.

Somebody Loved is said to be different from the songs they have released. This song has a lot of hooks that will be so contagious that you cannot get it out of your head. I got to agree with them. When you listened it, you will find yourself listening to it again and again because of the catchy lyrics.

Music lovers out there, this is your chance to catch the band on June 28 at 7.30pm at Powerhouse as they are performing for Baybeats. Do expect them to bring the stage down with their heart-thumping songs and catchy lyrics that will make you sing, shout and scream along.

This is also your second last chance to catch the band before they serve the nation. But don’t worry, they promise more singles and a show or two if time permits. They will not stop what they are doing since they lived by this motto: “We are not only performers. We claim to be entertainers and give one hell of an awesome show.”

So, do not forget to head down to Powerhouse next week to catch Dropbeat Heartbeat. Follow them on Twitter, like their Facebook Page and subscribe to their Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/dropbeatheartbeat.

Thank you Matin and Ro for taking time to do this interview. 

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