Nail Trends: What’s in?

Remember when galaxy nails, gradient nails and velvet nails were the hottest trends for nails? Well, we are passing that phase!

Check out a couple of nail trends that are really popular lately.

Colours: Go for nude and neon

1. Nude

nude shades


These colours are suitable for work and play, and they help to hide unsightly stained nails (if you are a nail polish junkie like me!). Being classic and neutral, nude shades are now not just limited to a few different shades, but we now have tons of options to choose from. Some shades are more pinkish, some are more brown-toned. Let’s just say we are spoilt for choices!

2. Neon

Loud, wild and fun. Summer nails are perfectly done using neon colours. They are so in trend right now and you can see many neon shades popping out from different brands. They definitely are a must-have in your nail polish stash!

Nail Art:

1. Polka Dot Cluster

MissJenFabulous has created awesome video tutorials for beginners so you can try doing your nails yourself at home. Check out at around 3:55, she will show how to do the polka dot cluster nail art design on a blue base.

These polka dots will create a gradient looking nail art, which are chic and fabulous. One tip: Use neon colours for dotting!

2. Nautical Nails

Believe it or not, nautical nail art has been really popular among our Instagrammers lately. Even I did a bestie twin nails with someone from the Instagram nail art community.

It does not have to be all anchors and stripes, but the colours can symbolise nautical as well- the blues and reds.

nail art design, moon manicure


Essie has also put nautical nails as one of their hot nail trends on their website. They have also carefully selected two nail polishes for you, namely Rock the Boat, a pastel blue, and Naughty Nautical, a teal shade. Both shades are so pretty I actually want them!

Another simple nautical design would be as follows:

nautical nail art


So do try out these new trends for the time being! I am looking for neon shades right now. It can be tricky though, as neon shades may not suit everyone’s skin tone. Besides, they are not really suitable for most work places too.

Have fun painting!

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