Joseph Vincent Pandamonium

You cannot separate Joseph Vincent and Panda. If you have been following Joseph, you will notice his love for Pandas. I’m sure some of you wish you are the panda he hugs to when he goes to sleep!

Joseph was in town last week for YouTube Fanfest and Music Matters. I had the chance to catch him perform and get to meet him in person.


This is Joseph second visit to Singapore. Previously, he was here for the YouTube Stars concert where he performed with Jason Chen, Tiffany Alvord, Ana Free, David Choi and Clo.

Guess what Singapore fans, you are partly the reason why he is loving his stay in Singapore. Joseph shared that he missed the people in Singapore. He recalled the concert where he performed to 2500 people and they were  singing to every songs and covers during his performance. That’s not all, Singapore is famous for its food and Pepper Crab has got Joseph craving back for more. He described the dish as the ‘best thing ever’.

Performing is Joseph’s passion. He loves doing what he is doing and it comes naturally to him. He is lucky and blessed to have found what he likes and love and is good at – singing. It made him feel good to know that his voice can make someone else day.

At only 23, it is no wonder that his mum is worried about his future. Mum is always worried about their children all the time. Likewise for Joseph’s Mum, she questions if performing will grant him a bright future and if he can support his family. However, both his parents are very supportive of him performing.

Voted as Australia’s “Youtube Artist of the Year” by Star Central magazine, this talented and charming individual writes his own song. Just like any other singer-songwriter, they get their inspiration from experiences and everyday lives. “If i’m jetlag, this could be a song. I’ll twist it in a way and make it a metaphor.”

Fans must be eager to know what they can expect next from Joseph. He revealed that he is working on new songs. Fans can expect to see the mature side of Joseph since the first album was written when he was only 17 or 18 years old. I believed we can expect to hear a deeper interpretation of life in his lyrics.

Joseph has also been given the title as the sex symbol of the Asian American YouTube Community by fellow YouTuber, AJ Rafael. This is evident by the amount of girls throwing themselves at him. He recalled an unforgettable experience where someone threw an underwear on stage and there was a number on it with the note “Call Me!”. Other than getting gifts from fans, the most priceless moment for Joseph is when the crowd sing along to every word of his originals and covers.

Credit: Joseph Vincent Facebook Page

I have been watching Joseph’s videos for a while now and I can see that there is a special bond between Joseph and fellow YouTuber, Jason Chen. The bromance between Joseph and Jason is evident. Joseph revealed that he would date Jason if he was a girl. I could imagine them being so lovey-dovey with each other judging from all the videos that they have collaborated and their Instagram pictures. This lyric from Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat suddenly ran through my mind describing their bromance. “Lucky i’m in love with my bestfriend.”

Joseph also shared that if he were given a chance, he wants to perform in Philippines, his hometown, Australia, Europe and Antarctica. Wait.. Singapore is not included?! 😦

Don’t worry Singapore fans, Joseph said that they are in the midst of discussing it. If everything goes well, he will be in Singapore in the next couple of months! I cannot wait for Joseph to announce it.

Before I wrap up the interview, I managed to get Joseph to share with us some random facts about him.

Thank you to the team at The Great Company and Joseph Vincent for granting us the interview. We hope to see you soon in Singapore.

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