Carlos Castano and Band

Laughter can be heard throughout the whole interview. Interviewing Carlos Castano and Band is like interviewing your long lost friend. They make it so fun and entertaining. What makes them stand out from other interviews is their personalities.

Carlos and Band which consist of Edward, Gogo, Michael and Manchos were in town last week to perform for Music Matters. Carlos has been performing since he was four. Seriously, all these performers started while they are so young and here I am, thinking, what I was doing when I was at that age.

Having a musician in the family, it is no wonder that Carlos got it in his blood. Carlos was told that his music could get him nowhere outside Manila because of his face. Come on,  people are now focusing more on talent rather than the outer beauty. But look at him now!

He has played more shows that other signed artist in Manila. That comment stuck with him and it acts as a reminder to him that one cannot please everyone but everyone there is not there for you to please. I actually love this quote because what he said is true. If we go on pleasing everyone, then what is the use of being true to yourself?

Performers nowadays comes in a package. They can sing and write. Carlos is an example. Carlos revealed that he can only write if he dates. Hmm.. The male and Asian version of Taylor Swift?! Most of his inspiration is from the relationships he had; it is all related to woman.

Carlos’ fan base are mostly in Singapore. This is a shock to me because frankly speaking, I only got to know him through Music Matters. Carlos has been playing in Singapore since 2010. His first show was at a festival in Timbre.

Carlos’ music is available online and you can download it for free. Yes you heard it right people, it’s FREE! Carlos shared that he had discussed it with his friend, a local talent in Singapore, Inch Chua, about this and he feels that she had made sense. In this day and age, almost everyone had downloaded something illegally. He also added that it is hard to stop piracy. After making his music easily accessible, he is playing more shows internationally. Carlos still produce and sell CD because some people requested for it and they want it to be autographed. I think I am one of them. Even though, I rarely play the CD, I just love to keep it as a memento.

Now, Carlos and the band are working on their third album which is almost done. Fan can expect a band feel in this album which is different from the last few albums. In the previous albums, Carlos recorded it alone with imaginary drums and other equipments, however, for the third album, you will be able to hear the band playing together. Carlos explained further that he has yet to listen to the drum sound in the music industry in Philippines and he wants it to be in the album.

While interviewing Carlos, I noticed some words on his arm. It is a quote from Jeff Buckley who was an American singer-songwriter and guitarist. The quote is a capsulation of how woman drive him crazy. “I would give up a kingdom just to kiss her on the shoulder,” shared Carlos. Jeff is also one of the artist Carlos wished he could collaborate with.

Before ending my interview, I managed to dig a little deeper about this band and get the band to share some facts about them.

I cannot wait for Carlos and band to be back in Singapore and watched them perform again.

Check out Carlos on his FacebookTwitterWebsite and his Youtube Channel!

Thank you Carlos and band for the never ending laughter during the interview. I’m so excited for the third album. Cannot wait to get my hands on it.

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