Fluorescent Hearts

Just like any other acts in Music Matters, most of them were foreign to me. Thus, before the festival, I did my research and narrow down the acts that I want to discover and catch them live.

The band representing Scotland caught my attention. Formed in 2011, Fluorescent Hearts have been compared to acts like U2 and You Me At Six.

I can hear girls swooning over them already! Over the past few days, I have seen tweets from their Singaporean fans. Bet these boys stole their hearts when they performed during Music Matters, am I right? The pop rock band consists of Chris Ashton (lead vocals), Gary Gilmour (drums), Andy Stuart (Bass) and Martyn Gribben (Guitar).

Did you know that Fluorescent Hearts was actually a name of their second single?

Now, the name of the single is Gasoline. So what is the reason behind the name Fluorescent Hearts?

According to Chris, the band decided that the name of the song suited how they felt they should portray themselves as a band. Interesting!

Recently, Fluorescent Hearts played for 6000 people at Shenzhen Midi Modern Festival in Hong Kong. It was also one of their most unforgettable shows.

The song performed above titled Tell Her You Love Her, got into the semi-finals of the 2012 UK Songwriters competition.  Chris, the songwriter, shared that the song was inspired based on the experience of a relationship but from a different viewpoint from merely messing with someone. Moving away from the typical love song that tends to blame the other party, this song tries to explain that both parties will feel the heartache.

Passion for music is definitely what keeps the band going. They are now in the midst of working on an album. As of now, they have around 15 to 16 songs. When asked about when it is going to be released, there is no definite date yet. But, do keep your eyes peeled! Gary shared that the music industry is dynamic and that an album is no longer a necessity anymore since artistes now can just bring out singles after singles, then followed by the album itself.

The band is also caught in a dilemma when performing. They have different segments of audience to cater to. Andy revealed that they want the new audience to hear their songs dated all the way from two years back, yet they want to showcase new stuff to their fans who have been with them since the beginning. But what is sure for the band is that they always dish out songs which their fans love. Moreover, they are always eager to try new things in their music.

Let me share with you a little secret. I was actually really nervous for this interview because my first impression of them is that they are fierce and I thought to myself, “what if they replied me with a few words or a sentence?”. Most definitely, they proved me wrong!

Fluorescent hearts- the 4 of them, were really nice to talk to and they also shared with us some of the things that happened during their Asia tour. Someone even got a burger for $100. Yes, a normal burger for Singapore $100! I’m sure you want to know who is that someone? Check out the video below.

Before I end this post, I would like to congratulate Fluorescent Hearts for being shortlisted for the Rockness Festival! All the best and I hope you will be able to perform at the festival because the people out there need to check out your band.

I would like to thank Joe for arranging the interview and of course to Andy, Chris, Martyn and Gary for being so great during the interview.

Head over to i-Tunes, Spotify and Amazon to get the debut album, Anthem! Follow the band on Twitter and like them on Facebook

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