Music Matters Live: Day 3

Just as I am writing this… The post concert depression starts sinking in already. Anyone feels the same? 😦 Our team had so much fun at YouTube FanFest and Music Matters 2013, it sure is difficult to get back to reality!

Ok so, last but not least, Music Matters day 3! Just like the other two days, it was brilliant and we had so much fun.

The first act we caught was David Choi at Paulaners. We finally got the time to catch this YouTube sensation! (Just like what Atiqah said, we wish we could split ourselves! There were just too many bands to discover.)

As quoted from Chester See at the press conference, David Choi is the first to everything among the group of YouTube stars – first to use a high quality mic while the others were still recording with a low quality audio, first to shoot a high definition video, first with all the high technology stuff. David Choi was an inspiration to some of the biggest YouTube stars you can name.

As expected, David Choi never disappoints. (All of his shows were FULL, including this one we went to. We were lucky that we managed to find a table, phew!) The charming star belted out some of his popular self written songs like Missing Piece, This and That is Life, You and Me, swooning the girls (and guys ;)) in the bar. Despite the view of David being blocked for most people, they were happy just being able to listen to his voice. Such is the beauty of music, ain’t it?

While David was at his last few songs, Faber Drive walked into Paulaner to set up and get ready for their set. The guys were hanging around, chatting and taking photos with fans.

Now, having said that, one thing I have noticed from this event is that ALL the bands were really friendly and down to earth! Before/after their set, they would hang around the venue for awhile to interact with fans who come up to them, gladly and willingly take photos and sign autographs. I found this really sweet and nice of them. It seems as if everyone are friends.

Having seen Faber Drive on the previous day, we headed to Fern & Kiwi to catch our local bands! We definitely have not forgotten about our young local talents. When we arrived, Electrico was setting up and just about to play their set. It was heart warming and nice to see our fellow local bands gaining recognition and a larger fanbase! I must say, within the last couple of years, there is definitely a resurgence in our local music scene, as seen from successful bands like Electrico, The Great Spy Experiment and more.

After all that running around, our stomach were growling! We headed to WINGS bar to grab some drinks and finger food. It was a really nice place to chill and grab a snack, because we can watch the fountain stage from where we were sitting as well. It was KPop night, and M.I.B. was performing. I am not an avid fan of korean bands, but they got me bobbing along to their songs. I really loved one of the songs they performed, Nod Along. (got me nodding along indeed) 

While we were at Paulaners, we bumped into an artist who gave us this promotional card.

Fluorescent Hearts, Music Matters 2013, Thefifthparlour, Youtube

He took out a marker and wrote “11 o clock, beer market” at the back of the card.

So… since we had the time, we went to check them out!

Fluorescent hearts, Scottish, Youtube, Music matters 2013

Fluorescent Hearts from Scotland, United Kingdom. You can tell that the lead singer was really into the song when they were performing! He’s full of energy on stage – busting his moves while singing his lungs out, filled with emotions. One of their lead single, Tell Her You Love Her, was a semi-finalist in the UK Songwriters 2012 competition.

Last but not least… the act everybody was waiting for… BOYCE AVENUE! When we walked back to the fountain stage after Fluorescent Hearts to catch Boyce Avenue… boy, were we shocked! Throughout the three days, we have never seen the fountain stage this crowded! There was hardly any space to walk. We had to squeeze ourselves through the crowd, only to get a spot all the way to the back. The three charming brothers belted out their popular original songs like On My Way (which is aired on Singapore radio stations), and popular covers like Rolling in the Deep and Dynamite, which got everyone jumping and singing along. Everybody was hyped up, and yes, their voices definitely sent chills down our spine despite our view being blocked.

Keep a lookout for their performance video on the official Music Matters YouTube page here. Meanwhile, here are some videos taken by fans.

For those who went down to Clarke Quay and those watching via live stream at home, we hope you had as much fun as we did. It never fails to amaze me how music brings people together, which was how this team of us met. Music Matters brought people from all over the world to one place, everybody with a common interest – music. Through this music festival, new friendships are made, and current ones are bonded and strenghtened. Beautiful, ain’t it?

We would like to thank HP, YouTube, Google and ALL the sponsors for this event. Music Matters just keep getting better and better every year! One week has passed, and I am still missing Music Matters so much. How I wish it an biannual event! I can’t wait for next year already. Also, it is our honour to be able to cover this event, so, thank you for giving us this chance. 🙂

See you till then!

Over 50 bands, 20 countries, 150+ shows… Who did you discover?

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