Music Matters Live: Day 2

Wow! Last week has been really crazy and hectic but everything is worth it! I had the chance to experience one of the most amazing event- Music Matters!

Once I heard that the list of line ups had been released, I immediately went to check it out as I was curious which bands will be performing!

And oh boy! I was shocked! In a good way of course. Because I could not decide which bands I should check out since I will only be able to attend the first two days of Music Matters.

As Kay posted earlier, on Day 1 of Music Matters, we only managed to catch At Sunset and Joseph Vincent.

When I got home, I listed the bands I wanted to see and I was pretty upset because most of the timing clashed! I wished I could split myself into pieces and be at different places at the same time. I told myself that if I wanted to catch all the bands, I will have to limit the time for each performance I watched. Sigh! It was really tough one as there was an unwillingness to leave once the band started playing. But still, I managed to force myself to get it done.

I started my evening by watching GAC, an Indonesian band, who started out posting skillful covers of popular songs on Youtube. They sang a few covers and their originals. I like how the added their own touch to the covers.

Then, I head over to Paulaner Wirtshaus to catch Fluorescent Hearts. I really enjoyed their performances. It was full of energy but the sound system is really disappointing! I could not really hear what they are singing. At that time, I wished I could have attended Day 3 of Music Matters, where they will be playing at the Fountain Stage with a better sound system.

I then head over to China ONE to catch FAIRCHILD. Their performance was rather interesting as they seemed like they were thoroughly enjoying themselves and indulging in their music! I really liked it!

After FAIRCHILD, I squeezed myself to get into Beer Market to catch Carlos Castano and band. It was a good show but I was not able to fully enjoy because I was being pushed about during the performance. However, I managed to listen to two songs and had to make my way out because of the crowd. I really hope I’ll be able to see them perform again.

Shortly after, I left for Crazy Elephant as Faber Drive was performing over there! Being a Faber Drive fan for a while now, I knew that I need to catch them live! It was really packed and I could only hear their voices. So I decided to catch them perform again at the Fountain area at 11.30pm.

While waiting for Faber Drive’s set, I discovered two other acts, Katie Noonan and Indus Creed. Awesome performance by both artistes.

Overall, I wished that this festival lasted longer so that I would have the time to catch all the acts featured in the line-up! I would like to thank Music Matters for allowing us to get exposed to many of those talents out there which we might not know of!

Can I request to the Music Matters Management to make this event biannual so that we can discover new and talented performers? I’m sure music lovers out there will agree with my suggestion! 🙂

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