Youtube Fanfest Singapore Day 2

Day 1 was simply amazing for us, and we were even more hyped up about Day 2. When we were walking down the steps of Ritz Carlton hotel, you could hear the buzz! It was so crowded outside the venue. As expected, there were many people who came for the YouTube fanfest because of popular YouTubers such as Ryan Higa, Joseph Vincent and not forgetting- the talented Boyce Avenue.

Did we also mention that Wesley from Wongfu Productions and Andrew Garcia also dropped by the YouTube Fanfest? Some lucky fans also managed to catch them outside the venue while they hanged around to take photographs and chat with them.

wesley, wongfu production, youtube fanfest 2

The first artiste for the night was Joseph Vincent. He is a Filipino American artiste who sings, writes his songs and also is a guitar player.

Joseph vincent, youtube artist, thefifthparlour, youtube fanfest day 2

For short, many of his fans know him as JV. Joseph once came by Singapore to perform for the YouTube Stars event and he absolutely love it here. He mentioned that he fancied the weather here (oh Singaporeans will go “WHATTT!“). Having the opportunity to return to Singapore this year, he was thrilled. Even before he started singing, many girls were already head over heels for him.

joseph vincent, youtube fanfest powered by HP 2013, Singapore. thefifthparlour

Taking the stage, he started with Single Awareness Day (S.A.D), If You Stay and Blue Skies.

If You Stay

As an artiste who picked up the guitar since he was 15, JV delivered an awesome performance with his smooth vocals and sexiness in his voice. One can’t help but swoon over his charm and his flawless performance.

joseph vincent, thefifthparlour, youtube fanfest powered by HP 2013, youtube artist

His effortless, laid-back style of singing definitely got those who have not heard of him before attracted to drop whatever they are doing to listen to him instead. He’s quite a charmer, don’t you think?

After Joseph, Dom the host came up onstage and was teasing the audience about a surprise guest to the whole event. He kept mentioning about rock ‘n’ roll, Aerosmith, guitar riffs and voila! Mr Joe Perry from Aerosmith!

joe perry, aerosmith, youtube fanfest 2013, youtube, thefifthparlour

It was amazing because he is such a legend! Dom himself was starstruck seeing Perry on stage. Dom asked whether he expected himself to become this famous, but Perry said he said no, and that he thought success was being able to pay his dinner bills by performing their music. So much respect! Aerosmith also performed at Starcount.

Simon and Martina from Eatyourkimchi came up next and their appearance got many K-pop fans, including our writer, Siew Yee, screaming their heads off. It’s Simon and Martina first time in Singapore so fans who had been waiting for really long are in for a treat!

eatyourkimchi, youtube fanfest, Singapore, youtube, thefifthparlour

Both Simon and Martina were pretty shocked to see the amount of fans they had in Singapore! Many were also pretty curious on how they started ‘eatyourkimchi’ so they talked about it for a bit. After which, they also interacted with their fans by asking whom they would like to see in their videos! And you could hear fans screaming ‘SHINee!’. ‘Big Bang!’ And the list goes on.

They also screened never seen before NGs that night and the audience surely had a great laugh watching it! And there was also a sneak peek of Martina with Lee Hyori’s new MV, “Bad Girls” makeup! Eatyourkimchi had posted the video a few days back and be sure to catch it HERE.

Did we also mention that we had the chance to exchange a couple of words with the couple? Both Simon and Martina were really sweet people and Martina even did a “pinky picture promise” with a fan when they had to leave for a while before going back to the main hall.

Nicko, from Nicko’s Kitchen also came on stage to make some awesome Lamingtons for the audience. He picked 4 audience members up onstage to make lamingtons from a huge piece of spongecake, dipped in chocolate and then rolled in coconut! Nicko brought some over to the audience to fill their stomachs, how awesome? It looked delicious but unfortunately we were too far away to get any, but I am sure it was very tasty!

Boyce Avenue (BA) was up onstage next. Having over 3 million subscribers and almost 1 billion video views on their channel, the three brothers Alejandro, Daniel and Fabian Manzano, has become the world’s most viewed Independent band in the world.

boyce avenue, youtube fanfest, day 2, youtube, thefifthparlour, acoustic gig

The crowd was screaming so much for BA. Everyone has been anticipating their visit to Singapore and finally, they are in Singapore for the YouTube Fanfest. Simply amazing!

boyce avenue, youtube fanfest, day 2, youtube, thefifthparlour, acoustic gig

They played their original songs including Every Breath and On My Way. Boyce Avenue also opened for One Direction’s Up All Night Tour in Great Britain and Ireland. I can hear the fangirls screaming already!

boyce avenue, youtube fanfest, day 2, youtube, thefifthparlour, acoustic gig

Alejandro’s voice simply blew us all away. His unique and identifiable voice differentiates the band from many others. To us at The Fifth Parlour, watching them live is definitely our honour.

boyce avenue, youtube fanfest, day 2, youtube, thefifthparlour, acoustic gig

boyce avenue, youtube fanfest, day 2, youtube, thefifthparlour, acoustic gig

They also showed their music video for Find Me, one of their original songs written some time back. Amazing as always, Boyce Avenue.

boyce avenue, youtube fanfest, day 2, youtube, thefifthparlour, acoustic gig

The next and last act is phenomenal. Known for his comedy videos and his YouTube Channel NigaHiga, Ryan Higa has close to 9 million subscribers and 1 billion over video views!

ryan higa, youtube fan fest, day 2, youtube, thefifthparlour

Ryan arrived onstage calm, and did not speak a single word, while the girls were screaming their heads off for him. He was into his YouTube personality, occasionally asking his fans to tune down. He seemed like he was about to play the guitar, but he eventually said a “hi” and that sent everyone screaming.

ryan higa, youtube fan fest, day 2, thefifthparlour, youtube

Ryan loved the energy of the crowd! Everyone had their cameras out, taking numerous photographs that may send the shutter crazy. When asked what did he do to become this famous, Ryan said it’s because of all the fans out there in the world. His first video ever was a lipsync, which had 5,000 views at that time, called The Great Pretender called Freddie Mercury, which he deleted some time after.

Ryan also introduced the Internet Icon, by YOMYOMF network. As a judge of the programme, along with Christine Lakin, and a newly added Timothy Delaghetto, the online programme has introduced so many new YouTube artists to the community. These include Smosh, The Fine Bros, Shane Dawson and Pewdiepie.

Another surprise the event had for us was Andrew Garcia!

andrew garcia, youtube fanfest 2013, youtube, thefifthparlour

Andrew played his original song called Dumb. He came in ninth place in the ninth season of American Idol. Some of us at The Fifth Parlour have heard him play this before when he dropped by Singapore with J.R.A and Victor Kim. We absolutely love this song!

Ryan also invited Wes over to introduce himself, as part of Wongfu Productions!

It was the end of Day 2 of YouTube Fanfest in Singapore 2013. We were so glad to be able to be part of this, watching these awesome performances from people who started off from YouTube but now are right infront of us playing their piece. Next up, Music Matters Live at Clarke Quay!

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