Zo In Sung meet his fans in Singapore + Exclusive Interview!

Our Wednesday evenings are usually pretty mundane but all thanks to ONE, it became so much livelier with Zo In Sung arriving in Singapore yesterday to to promote his comeback drama, “That Winter, The Wind Blows”.

Photo Credits: ONE

This was Zo first trip to Singapore and we were extremely stoked to be able to meet him up close and personal. He may looked cool and shy, but in actual fact, Zo is a really funny and cheeky guy. When asked to pose for the camera, Zo was spontaneous enough to come up with some funky poses!

Although Zo’s popularity is extremely huge in Korea, he remains very humble and greeted everybody in the room with a huge smile and warm handshake. At that time, we have to admit that we were absolutely taken back by his smile.

“That Winter, The Wind Blows” is the first comeback project for Zo after he was discharged from the military in May 2011. Many were curious why he picked this project instead of many others. “With the good writers, director and script, there was no reason for me to reject this project. Besides, the beautiful actress, co-stars and the greats seniors, he knew that this project was the right one.”

If you had watched the show, you would had remembered the cotton candy scene between Zo and Song Hye-Kyo. It had become one of the hottest topic discussed among many fans worldwide. When asked if Zo expected such a huge response from his fans in Korea/worldwide, he mentioned that he never expected it.

He also claims that “It was pretty embarrassing shooting the cotton candy scene. At times, Hye-kyo was wondering what were we exactly doing?” Zo had worked with many renowned actresses and that includes gag woman, Park Kyung Lim, beautiful actresses, Song Ji Hyo, Son Ye-jin and Song Hye-Kyo. We were pretty curious if he prefer working with gag woman or beautiful actresses since kissing scene is a norm in Korean dramas.

Zo let out a laugh and said “It doesn’t really matter. Whether it is kissing with comedian or beautiful actress, it doesn’t matter because after all, it’s the character that matters. There is no emphasis on the kiss. And I must say working with Kyung Lim noona was the least stressful for me.”

Through the interview, we were also able to perceive Zo as a great leader/mentor. He mentioned that he would be more than willing to lend his support to many other new aspiring actors/actresses and he had also supported to his co-star Jung Eun ji so that she could perform better. Besides, when asked if there’s any actresses he would like to work with, Zo said he was open to working with any actresses irregardless of who they are. He classified himself as a ‘senior actor’ and he will be honored to work with anyone.

We were also wondering when did Oh soo started falling in love with Oh Young. Well apparently, the love started as early as Episode 2.

“The train station hugging scene. That scene after the narration was where he felt the love. Through Oh Young, Oh Soo was able to see himself. And that’s where the emotion of the love started.”

Zo admits that crying scenes were most challenging part. And what’s worse is that he had to cry 5-6 times and especially in Episode 16, when he had did a kissing and crying scene.

“The sequence of preparing the emotions before kissing and crying was difficult and it was difficult for both me and Hye-Kyo to get the right emotions. However, most of the time, when I’m focused on Hye-Kyo, it was very easy to bring out the emotions as she is one of the best actress in Korea.”

After the media interview, Zo greeted 4,000 fans in Suntec City where some lucky fans also managed to interact him through a game where they had to reenact the cotton candy scene. A photo taking session was also held for the 10 lucky mio TV and StarHub TV subscribers.

Photo Credits: ONE

Although it was a short fan meet session, but we had a really enjoyable time admiring Zo In Sung! And we definitely hope that he will be able to visit Singapore again!

ALV_0410Photo Credits: ONE

Last but not least, all this would not be made possible if not for ONE! We would like to thank ONE for extending the media invite to Zo In Sung’s interview in Singapore.

Photo Credits: ONE

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