Park Yoonjo Keeps Up with the Pace on Disney+ Latest Drama, RACE

Ever felt tired working in a fast-paced environment with daily challenges? You feel like you are in a race against time with yourself trying to find the balance between life and work. The new series on Disney+ is a tribute that’s close to the hearts of all hardworking office workers in Korea.

Credits: Disney+

Park Yoonjo (Lee Yeon Hee) works for a small agency that many times have been pushed over by bigger and well-established firms. Her passion for work and never die attitude is what keeps her going. Ryu Jae Min (Hong Jong Hyun), her childhood friend who has always been a star employee in a huge firm, in contrast, craves work-life balance and puts only a sufficient amount of effort into work. Knowing how she has always been working hard yet not recognised for her hard work, Jae Min suggested non-discriminatory employment, allowing new experienced workers to join but at the same time choose the people they want to work with. In hopes, Yoonjo would apply for it too.

Credits: Disney+

Despite having an unimpressive resume, Yoonjo’s work attitude and character draw the attention of Earth Communication‘s young CEO, Seo Dong Hoon (Jung Yunho), an easygoing boss who cares more about his employees’ well-being. Noticing the work effort of Yoonjo, he decides to personally scout as a team leader.

Credits: Disney+

As the firm is running out of creativity, Goo Yijung (Moon Seri) an expert in the industry, held TED talks in the States and was convinced to come back to help an old friend to input ideas in running the company for much greater heights. It would be interesting to know how her ideas and experience can help input young passionate workers.

Credits: Disney+

Director Lee Dongyoon said that the focus is details of the PR profession. For instance, it looks at how PR practitioners use techniques to reach its targets such as general consumers and employees of its company. To have kept the authenticity of the profession, the director said, “…based on a few interviews we did with people from this field, we learned that your job can look very different depending on where you work. So, I wanted to bring out that detail in the series, thinking that each organization should have their distinct character.”

Credits: Disney+

In my opinion, the series is a reflection on the struggles of many working adults in their everyday life. The problems they faced being in any agency hustling to be on par with larger corporations with more resources to stay competitive. However, the series not only depicts that but also shows how everyone has their own inner RACE in life to overcome with drive and passion for their own meaning of success.

RACE is now available for streaming on Disney+!

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