Jang Hyuk Lives A Double Life in Disney+’s Family: The Unbreakable Bond

Jang Hyuk and Chang Nara teamed up once again for their fourth project after a nine-year break in the Disney+ original series, Family: The Unbreakable Bond. Check out their chemistry as husband and wife in this comedic-action drama by Director Jang Jeongdo.

Credits: Disney+

After leading a secret double life as a family man and a highly accomplished agent for South Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) for years, things started to go south for Kwon Dohoon (Jang Hyuk). For years, Kwon Dohoon has kept his occupation a secret from everyone, including his beloved wife, Kang Yura (Chang Nara).

He kept his cover as an employee at a local trading company, while giving his wife the perfect family she has always dreamed of. Little did he know that his wife has a secret of her own. Oh Chunryun (Chae Jungan) is a high-ranking officer who controls the NIS with a very professional attitude and works alongside her husband. Another character that is vital in this spy thriller is Cho Taegu (Kim Namhee) who plays a very suspicious man.

Credits: Disney+

Director Jang Jeongdo wanted to depict a family with trusts issues and how they overcome them. He pointed out that currently, there is an increasing number of people not wanting to start a family. As he initially envisioned a family of three generations who lived together as they forgive each other as secrets slowly unfold. He emphasized that the plot was to foresee how the family managed expectations and reactions as every character has duality so as “…to counterbalance the comedy…” said Director Jang Jeongdo during the press conference.

In my opinion, I felt that is is a heartwarming and comedic drama with a touch of action sequences. The drama draws relationship dilemmas such as balancing career and family. The bit that caught me off guard was Kwon Dohoon’s shaved eyebrows which he mentioned numerous times during the press conference. “It’s not that I shaved off my eyebrows. I had makeup on, and CGI was used to make it look like I didn’t have any eyebrows…I wanted to take on a new challenge,” explained Jang Hyuk.

I loved that he was depicted comparatively as a family man and a NIS agent who tracked down his targets. You will see his serious side opposite his quirky cheery family man character interchangeably. Meanwhile, as I am beginning to binge-watch the third episode, I am really curious about Kang Yura’s secrets as she prioritized her family first. What is she hiding behind her motherly persona?

Family: The Unbreakable Bond is now available for streaming on Disney+!


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