Alchemy Foodtech Presents Chocolate Chip Cookie Siew Dai

Are you a fan of Subway’s Chocolate Chip cookies?

If you are looking for alternative or healthier snacks to go along with your sandwich, look no further! Singapore-based carbohydrates and sugar reduction food technology company, Alchemy Foodtech, has successfully reduced the sugar content in Subway’s Chocolate Chip cookie.

Subway Chocolate Chip Cookie

Credits: Alchemy Foodtech

Presenting to you, Chocolate Chip Cookie Siew Dai. In Hokkien, Siew Dai means less sugar. Using Alchemy Fibre technology, it has reduced almost half of the sugar content.

I had the opportunity to taste the Chocolate Chip Siew Dai and if I was not aware it is the less sugar version, I would not know because I can still taste the sweetness of the cookies. Good to know that we can still enjoy the goodness of the chocolate chip cookies despite the low sugar content!

Hurry and go to the nearest Subway outlets and taste it for yourself! Retailed at $1.70, this cookie is available for limited time only.


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