Aisyah Aziz Sings from the Heart with ‘janji kita bertemu lagi’

Singaporean-born singer-songwriter, Aisyah Aziz, released her latest single, janji kita bertemu lagi. It is her first English and Malay written single from her upcoming EP, til death do us part.


Credits: Basil Tan

Stripped back and fervent, Aisyah returned to basics with just her guitar for janji kita bertemu lagi or translated as; promise, we’ll meet again. The song speaks about the presence of love and loss on multiple fronts, also as acceptance, hope and uncaged freedom.

Directed by her good friend and videographer, Paul Lin, the music video was shot from the perspective of Aisyah’s guitar.Having fallen back in love with singing on the guitar, it witnesses everything that happens in my life without judgement. It is simple and it takes everything in as it is,” shared Aisyah.

As we look forward to Aisyah’s upcoming EP, til death do us part launch in April, check out janji kita bertemu lagi on all major digital streaming platforms now!


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