Dating Without Prejudice: Disney+ Reality Dating & Korean Original Variety Show, Pink Lie

In Disney+’s first dating reality show, Pink Lie brings together a group of young singles, each harbouring their own secret.

Credits: Disney+

Hosted by Super Junior’s Kim Heechul, Lee Sunbin, Song Wonseok and YouTube influencer RalRal, Pink Lie features a group of young men and women coming together to start a journey to find the one who will love them for who they are. The catch is that they are to lie about one critical secret that they have never told anyone before. Throughout the series, contestants will be required to complete a multitude of challenges.

Everyone has their own criteria and standards for who is considered nice…increasing emphasis on these standards might come from prejudices. I started asking myself what would happen if we could create a fantasy world with no prejudice to explore how love can be expressed in a different context.

Producer Kim Inha

Participants of the show are given a chance to break away from conditions and circumstances that have hindered their quest for true love and try to find the one who will love them for who they are regardless of their background. A large pink moon rises and a secret will be revealed. This also brings to light the room of truth where participants could go into, to find out a particular person’s lie. They could ask a specific question to figure out another participant’s lie, which will impact their emotional response towards that person.

Credits: Disney+

Stay tuned as Kim Heechul, Lee Sunbin, Song Wonsuk, and RalRal offer their sharp and nuanced interpretation of the relationships and dynamics between the participants. At the same time, get to check out beautiful Korean hotspots showcased by the amazing cinematography, as the participants spend their dates at classical and unique places on the show. Love is definitely in the air as butterflies turn to tension and twist while discovering who they really are.

Pink Lie is streaming on Disney+ now!

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