RON Shares How He Overcame Obstacles in Debut EP, Anxious

Singaporean singer-songwriter RON had an intimate showcase to mark the release of his final single, All The Time, a pop-rap ballad on casual love and temporal connections. RON explained the struggles to find love and affection in the rampant hookup culture prevalent in modern society. The release of the single is the final track from his debut EP, Anxious.


Credits: RON

The showcase featured special guests such as Jason Yu and Alyssa Lie who sang duets with RON. The self-made performer sang popular covers from artistes such as Drake, Eric Chou and the Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast on top of his originals from the EP.

In an orthodox yet funny segment, RON paused his setlist to share his musical journey since he was 14. Started performing acoustically on stage at a young age piqued his interest in singing covers. RON eventually composed his original materials while being a massive fan of Taylor Swift. He started participating in local songwriting competitions with his classmates and even took the leap of faith by switching universities to further master his craft. Last year, RON was part of the Residency Program under the mentorship of electronic producer, Foxela.


RON revealed that the EP was written two years ago during the COVID pandemic. The theme of the tracks revolves around the ideals of life, love and self-image. Writing has helped RON through the tough times, and he hope that listeners will feel empowered with the courage and strength to make anything happen despite the difficulties and obstacles faced.

Stay connected to RON by following him on his social media platforms, Instagram and YouTube.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank RON for the invitation to the launch of his EP.


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