Enjoy a Special Screening of DC League of Super-Pets at Funan

As superheroes became one of the most inspiring people that many would love to be, especially with their superpowers, they not only exist within humans but as pets too! DC League of Super-Pets will show you that even pets can be a super-pet to save the day.

Credits: Golden Village

Both Superman and his Super-Dog, Krypto, are inseparable best friends, who shared the same super powers and fight crimes side by side in Metropolis. Krypto has troubles hanging out with other pets, but when the rest of Justice League were kidnapped, Krypto had to convince the other super pets such as rag-tag shelter pack – Ace the hound, PB the potbellied pig, Merton the turtle and Chip the squirrel to master their own powers to save their superheroes.

The movie showcased how pets have always been a best friend to humans and  they would do everything to save and protect them whenever in danger. It is not just a movie for kids but also for adults who are having trouble wondering if they should get a pet.

Credits: Golden Village

In conjunction with the movie, Funan and Golden Village invites you to watch the exclusive preview screening under the beautiful moonlight on the Funan Roof Garden on August 26 and 27.  There will be two sessions for each day. Audiences can enjoy an exclusive outdoor silent cinema where headphones are provided for everyone to enjoy and feel comfortable throughout the movie. You can also bring along your pets, dressing them up as super heroes, to match the theme of the movie. Do come early so that you can get the opportunity to take pictures with the mascot. Do note that the photo opportunity is limited to the first 50. Limited tickets are on sale, so go grab your tickets!


Event Details:

Date: 26 – 27 August 2022, Friday & Saturday 

Time: 7.30 pm & 10.30 pm 

Venue: Funan Roof Garden, 107 North Bridge Rd

Tickets: $42 (Members)/$44 (Public) 

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