Lee Jong Suk and Lim Yoona in the Disney+ Brand New Noir Drama, Big Mouth

Korean heartthrob Lee Jong-Suk and Girls’ Generation’s Lim Yoona star as husband and wife in the brand new Disney+ K-drama Big Mouth. Directed by Oh Choong-Hwan and premiered with new episodes every Friday and Saturday, this noir action-packed drama begins with the decoding of the identity of a notorious criminal named Big Mouse, who is a menace in the Gucheon village and  engaged in almost all kinds of criminal activity. 

Credits: Disney+

The drama quickly changed gears and focused on Park Changho who lived in a lavish life with his wife and father-in-law. This resulted in him raking up massive debts prompting him to be on the constant lookout for cases that can bring in large amounts of money. However, he is constantly plagued by a never-ending streak of bad luck and his life goes from bad to worse when he is hired to take on a high-profile case while finding himself being imprisoned with the murderers he has been investigating. The series then navigates through Chang-ho’s attempt to clear his name while trying to survive prison life.

During the virtual press conference, both Yoona and Jong-suk revealed that they enjoyed their character’s roles and the filming process. They describe the mood on set was exciting and fun. The chemistry was evident amongst them as the director had tried to cast the best actors in the industry. 

Catch the fun and entertaining drama as described by Director Oh on Disney+ now and look out for the chemistry like between Jong-suk and Yoona.


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