Jisung is Both Prosecutor & Novelist in Disney+ Mystery Thriller, ADAMAS

Produced by Studio Dragon, ADAMAS is the latest Korean drama series to be available on Disney+. The star-studded casts include Jisung, Seo Jihye, Lee SooKyung, Heo Sungtae and Oh Dae-hwan. During a virtual press conference featuring Director Park Seung-wu, he describes the drama as a “mystery thriller packed with adrenalin-fuelled action…that is reminiscent of a film noir.”

Adamas poster
Credits: Disney+

When the twin brothers, Ha Woosin and Song Suhyeon (Jisung) discovered that their birth father was falsely accused of murder by their stepfather, they were too determined to expose the truth. Using their collective skillsets to seek out the real murderer and at the same time tracking down a blood-covered diamond arrow, ADAMAS, the brothers hoped that this will unravel the entire conspiracy. During their investigation, they met with different individuals such as Eun Hyesu (Seo Jihye), Kim Seohui (Lee Sookyung),  Choi Taeseong (Heo Sungtae) and Mr Lee (Oh Dae-hwan).

Credits: Disney+

The characters have their own secrets. As those secrets get revealed, viewers will see the bigger picture and why certain events unfolded in certain ways. It is as if you are peeling the layers of an onion as explained by Seo Jihye.

This is not the first time Jisung portrayed multiple identities in a drama. He expressed the joy and challenge in ADAMAS as he had to portray similar attitudes between the identical twins while differentiating them in a serious role, a major contrast to his past project.

So, who is the real killer?

Catch ADAMAS now on Disney+!


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