I Challenged My Pastry Skills with Reynold Poernomo’s “The Dessert Game” this Hari Raya

I had some free time during the fasting month and was thinking to bake a dessert for Hari Raya. So, I decided to challenge myself by baking brownies inspired from Reynold Poernomo’s – The Dessert Game’s book. 


Credits: Reynold Poernomo

Poernomo was a finalist on Masterchef Australia in 2015 and was crowned the Dessert King. His love for cooking began when he was 14 as he watched his parents working in restaurants and siblings establishing careers in the hospitality industry in Australia. I first heard about Reynold when I was endlessly watching videos on YouTube and stumbled upon his Sweet x Salty series.

The title of the video, Any NOOB Can Make This Butter Cake, got me thinking if I should challenge myself to prove that anyone can make this dessert. And it was a success! It got me interested to learn more and I decided to purchase a copy of Poernamo’s book, The Dessert Game. 

In the book, Poernomo classified the dessert recipes into three levels; easy to hard. You will be able to find recipes that is easy to make such as butter cakes and intricate desserts such as layer cakes garnished with fresh flowers. The book is fascinating as he included tips on substitutions of ingredients used for the recipes. For example, I prefer dark chocolate and he advised that it should be paired with citrusy fruits for a divine flavour combination. 

The first recipe that I decided to bake is brownies as I have most of the ingredients. You will need salt, brown sugar, baking soda, butter, chopped nuts, dark chocolate chips, cocoa powder, all-purpose flour and eggs. 


The recipe was easy to follow and it contributed to the success of my baking. The brownies was perfect especially when I paired it with warm coffee in the early morning before heading out for the Eid prayers. The texture is chewy and slightly dry, maybe I added a little too much flour to the mixture. But what makes me happy is that my family love them and asked me to bake more! I cannot wait to try baking more dessert and if you have last minute guests coming over for Hari Raya celebration, you can try this recipe.

We would also like to wish our Muslim readers Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! May you enjoy this festival with your friends and family!

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