Expect the Unexpected with Going to You at a Speed of 493km

Fans of Korean drama and competitive sports will come together in celebration of Going to You at a Speed of 493km, the newest K-drama to land on Disney+. The series is written by Huh Seong-hye and directed by Joe Woong and Gu Seong-jun.


Credits: Disney+

Starring Park Ju Hyun and Chae Jong Hyeop, this 16 episode series revolved around a story of love and redemption as a former badminton champion tries to reclaim her standing whilst dealing with her less than impressive mixed doubles partner. After being away from the world of high level competitive badminton for three years, Park TaeYang (Park Ju Hyun) suddenly made a comeback, stepping onto the court with her mixed doubles partner Park TaeJoon (Chae Jong Hyeop).

Being polar opposites in almost every aspect, TaeYang is driven to consistently go the extra mile with hopes of reclaiming her prestigious standing as a gold medal level competitor unlike TaeJoon. However despite their differences, the duo proved to be a formidable force on the court, and as they trained together, romantic feelings began to emerge between them.

Will they go to the next stage and be in a relationship?

If you curious, stream this sporty new series on Disney+ now!

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