Majulah Weekender Season 2 Returns this February!

Majulah Weekender returns for its second season with two new components; Schools and Remixed. The eight-episode web series shines the spotlight on young, emerging talents and the Singapore electronic scene. The episodes provide local artists with a platform to work with established producers, and journeys with them through the songwriting and production processes, culminating with a music video.


Credits: Zendyll Music Agency

Majulah Weekender and Majulah Schools will feature three pairings of prolific Singaporean producers with budding artists such as Rangga Jones, Shaykhandbake, Claire Chew, Kitty Purrnaz, Perk Pietrek, AE$OP CASH, FEEZ, LEERAY, PravOnTheLoose, evanturetime, owellciao, MYRNE and Joy Alexis.

Weekender focuses on up-and-coming talents in the scene while Schools showcases aspiring singer/songwriters from tertiary schools. Two established producers will work on a remix of one of the produced tracks in the series for Majulah Remixed webisodes.

Organised by Zendyll Music Agency in partnership with the National Youth Council, the web series provides pathways for artists with a shared experience that speaks for the current cultural mindset. The series also aims to recognise and promote local talents in Singapore and abroad. Fans of the series can catch some of the acts as they perform live at Majulah Live x It’s A Rap in March 2022 at the Sands Theatre, Marina Bay Sands.

All webisodes are released fortnightly on Thursdays starting 3 February 2022, airing on Majulah Fest’s social media platforms on Instagram TV, Facebook and Youtube, with the track dropping the next day.

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