Ridz Razali Debut EP – Letters to You, Sincerely Me

Local singer-songwriter, Ridz Razali  is not a stranger to the local music scene. He is in several percussion bands such as Wicked Aura and Simbiesta, as well as a Malay Latin Jazz Fusion bands, Jazz Djogets. Graduated in 2021 from LASALLE College of the Arts with an honours in Electronic music, Ridz believes that that music must be written from the heart.

Letters to You, Sincerely Me by Ridz Razali

Credits: Ridz Razali

And that was what he did with his EP, Letters to You, Sincerely Me that was debuted today. Listening to the six songs on the EP, you can feel that someone is reading a letter to you but with added touch to it, Ridz’s voice and the melody. “Letters to You, Sincerely Me is a collection of songs that I wrote, in this case “Letters” written to express feelings deep within the heart that usually are harder to convey through speech,” revealed Ridz on the concept behind his EP.

If you like the songs on this EP, you should check out his other releases such as Floating Dreams, Hold On To Me, Have You Ever, Before I Even Try, Can’t Sleep and Be My Forever. 

Stay connected to Ridz by following him on Instagram and Spotify!

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