Indie-Pop group More in Luv returns with Living for Two

Independent indie pop group More in Luv is back with a brand new single, Living for Two. More in Luv is a four piece boyband that resides from Merseyside and aims to bring happiness, love and joy through the music they create.


Credits: Petty Music Group

Living for Two sees the band slowing things down compared to their upbeat summer tunes that was released in 2021, bringing in more chilled vibes that is infused with roaring guitar interludes and hip-hop infused beats. The song is about love, struggle and money and  documents the band’s journey. 


Credits: Petty Music Group

The band shared that Living for Two was written when being in a place where you have never felt protected by the people hired to do exactly that, and despite it all, all you want to do is build a good life for yourself and the people you love.

Fans of Years and Years, Larkings, The Lottery Winners and Fickle Friends would think of More in Luv as an ideal new discovery, standing up on their own through hooky guitar melodies and sparkling synth sounds. The band’s popularity is increasing as their fanbase is rapidly growing across the North West and beyond.

If you are a fan of indie pop music, do give More in Luv a listen and I am sure you will add on to their evergrowing fanbase! 🙂

Stay tuned to the latest updates of the band via their social media pages like Instagram & Facebook! Living for Two is also now streaming on music platforms like Spotify & Apple Music

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