RON Debuts New Image & Sound With Single ‘Push & Pull’

26-year-old Singaporean singer-songwriter RON has just released his new single Push & Pull off his debut 5-track EP anxious. This single marks a new direction as he bid goodbye to his charismatic boy-next-door outlook and lo-fi & folk pop genre.

Push & Pull Single Art by RON Credits: RON

Push & Pull exude R&B feels which marks a new sound that RON is exploring in his EP. The single addressed issues relating to toxic relationships. “What was difficult about the experience was learning to convince myself that leaving this toxic ex-lover was an act of self-love and not a habit of escapism. I only realised it was love bombing & abusive when I stepped out of the picture months after, but the damage was done,” shared RON. When you listen to Push & Pull, Ron hopes that you will remember that it is okay to set rules and boundaries to protect yourself.

You can expect more singles from RON as he release them this year. He is also planning a digital EP launch scheduled for the third quarter of 2022.

Push & Pull is now out on all music streaming platforms!

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