Alexa Villa Projects her Individuality in her Single – Call Me Crazy!

Loud, passionate, colorful, big, electric, unapologetic, aggressively feminine – that basically sums up Alexa Villa. The singer, songwriter, classically-trained pianist has since released her new single, Call Me Crazy. 

The single was written during a time when Villa started doubting herself and was reminded that her ex called her crazy. Growing up, she felt like she did not fit in as she was loud, hyper, clumsy and did not look like the pretty girls. “I wrote Call Me Crazy to overcome those doubtful thoughts that takeover when you feel like you do not belong,” explained Villa. She continued by sharing that it is okay to be different because being “crazy” is like your super powers and the more you be yourself, you will discover your passions. Hence, when listening to this song, Villa wants you to remember that you will not change yourself just to fit into society’s mold of what is normal.
Call Me Crazy is off her upcoming EP, Good Girl which will be out early next year! She hopes that listeners will feel empowered and encouraged to be tirelessly authentic. “I want listeners to feel alive!” shared Villa.
Alexa Villa new single Call Me Maybe

Credits: Emma Jenkinson

Villa is excited to produce more music and performing at concerts! Due to the pandemic that has restrict live music, she has a new appreciation for concerts where you get to experience the real human connection. I believed, we too, felt what she is feeling right now. When was the last time you attended a gig or concert?
Get ready for more new music from Villa as we count down to 2022. Stay connected to Villa via her social media pages; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and website.
The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Alexa Villa for the interview and Big Picture Media for coordinating the interview!

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