The BTS Meal from McDonald’s, Delivered in Singapore

According to Regional Director of McDonald’s (Asia) on his LinkedIn profile, this was one of the hardest kept secret as the world anticipate the BTS meal.

Despite the delayed launched due to the COVID-19 restrictions in Singapore, orders for the McDonald’s BTS Meal went through the roof within minutes. There were mixed reactions from fans of the Korean boyband, BTS, when they received their orders. Some were unhappy as the meal came without the signature BTS-branded brown bag bearing the McDonald’s and BTS logos. I was curious about the hype and ordered the BTS Meal.


I braced through the virtual queue on Tuesday, 22 June, on the GrabFood app and it paid off. The BTS Meal came with 9 pieces of Chicken McNuggets, large fries, large Coke and the two sauces; Sweet Chili and Cajun. Inspired by McDonald’s in South Korea and picked by BTS, the two sauces are available for a limited time!

I tried the McNuggets with the Sweet Chili first and it somehow resembled the sweetness and sourness of the sweet Thai chilie. The Cajun sauce has that mild mustard and peppery taste which I enjoyed. It was quite a simple meal partnered with the drink. Overall, it does look refreshing as oppose to the normal white coloured packing.

Savour those purple packagings and recycle them into other usable items like a pair of sneakers. If you are out of ideas, be inspired by searching through Instagram feeds with the #BTSMeal.

Credits: Josiah Chua

Take a break from the craziness, enjoy the BTS Meal from McDonald’s from home and maybe quiz your family members about BTS, I did.

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