Hit Them With Your Best Shot at Bo0m Singapore!

Fancy a workout in the CBD area? Get those boxing gloves ready and learn the various punches at bo0m Singapore!


If keeping in shape or trying a new sport are just some of your new year resolutions, you should try out boxing themed classes at bo0m Singapore. The studio has a pleasant and motivating environment where you could learn various tactics of boxing. I was curious and needed a breather from the extensive work from home. Therefore, I decided to squeeze a workout during the lunch hour at their studio at the TPI Building on Cecil Street.


Things to take note before booking any classes at studio; do come in comfortable sports attire with socks and gym shoes. Bring along your own boxing wraps and boxing gloves or you could purchase and rent them at the studio. If you are not comfortable punching the bags, you could shadow box as the class goes along.

I attended BoomBox conducted by fitness instructor, Marina. The workout consists of 7-round cardio and resistance workout comprising heavy bag work and functional training with the use of dumbbells, kettlebells and other small equipment. It is a workout session suitable for anyone from beginners to regulars. The club-like atmosphere was particular a pulling factor that distracted me from tapping out halfway after doing numerous sets of burpees. Marina was quirky and supportive while I was slightly out of tuned with the sequences of the various punches.

Before wearing those boxing gloves, one has to be familiar with the six punches that was applied throughout the workouts at bo0m Singapore. Do your homework beforehand and watch a funky instructional video performed by the founders, Bryan and Victoria. If boxing is not your cup of tea, the studio has other classes such as BoomCIRCUIT and boOmCAMP that focus on the functional body movements, strength training and endurance.

If you are up for the challenge or planning to return for another class just like me, check out bo0m Singapore’s website for their signature classes and more. Stay connected to their social medias; Facebook and Instagram as they celebrate their third anniversary this month!

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