An Open Diary by Thaddeus Lin in “I Wished It Rained Forever”

Thaddeus Lin is a local musician and student from the Lasalle College of the Arts. He explores the boundaries of various genres, embedding his own style of writing and music composition. Lin’s songwriting is inspired by numerous international folk and alternative acts from Radiohead, The Paper Kites, Gregory Alan Isakov and Half Moon Run.


Credits: Thaddeus Lin

As an eccentric songwriter who pens down about everything on his mind, Lin covered themes from love stories to little towns and fast cars. He developed his original creations with style while he curating lyrics that flows with the melody to get you hooked on.

It had never rained so much these days and Lin admitted it with his quick-witted caption on his social media as he announced his four tracks EP entitled – I Wish It Rained Forever. The EP is a collection of memories from his life, songs about nothing and everything that happened around him. The EP exhibited imaginative ideas and flashing memories for people who might associate themselves with the art of storytelling. It is also a “life checkpoint” for himself. It paved a journey of love/hate for viewers alike.

The EP tracks is like a series of stories that it is relevant in the current day context. Lin refined these chapters in an unrelated yet quirky manner. The track which would be awarded a “Like” in my Spotify playlist would be I Must Go because he delivers the struggles of being in a destructive relationship, about someone who has to make the decision of leaving for the better of everyone. I am a sucker for sentimental slow rock songs especially in the midst of this sweater weather. 

Follow Lin on his social media; Facebook & Instagram and be entertained by his acoustic and live performances as he continues to strive in the local entertainment scene.

I Wish It Rained Forever is available on all major platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer.

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