Alvin Chong Releases “Sayangku Salmah” Through Adventures Around Malaysia

Alvin Chong has been in the entertainment industry since 2009, after taking part in Astro Star Quest. The 29-year-old dabbled in acting, hosting, singing and was featured in numerous Malaysian movies on both the big screen and television dramas. His character in the drama, Suri Hari Mr Pilot, caught the attention of many, including me!

Credits: Alvin Chong

Recently, he released a new single, Sayangku Salmah. This song has gained a lot of attention as it was part #sayangkusalmahchallenge. The viral challenge attracted more than 20 million views on the popular mobile app, Tik Tok in just two weeks. 

According to Chong, Salmah is a common name and everyone has a friend of family member with that name. The song is about a love story that did not last long because of the different obstacles faced such as being forced to end their relationships because of their racial differences, traditions, and religion. As compared to his past songs, this song has a Latin-esque melody that is quite catchy along with a tinge of dangdut. Some may find the bridge lyrics to be similar to Judika’s Mama Papa Larang.

The travelogue style music video featured some of my go-to travel destinations like Malaysia’s East Coast – Kelantan, Pantai Mek Mas, Pantai Senok, and Pasar Siti Khadijah. With travel plans to Malaysia being put on hold, let’s enjoy the music video. Sayangku Salmah is now available on Spotify and all major music streaming platforms!

Stay connected with Alvin Chong via his social media: Facebook and Instagram .

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