Bazzi Releases “I Got You” with a Dance Challenge on Tiktok!

Andrew Bazzi, famously known as Bazzi is a rising pop star with well-known hits like Mine, Beautiful featuring Camila Cabello and I.F.L.Y. He accured a massive fan base following from the app – Vine before being officially signed by Atlantic Records.

Being an avid pop lover myself, I enjoy listening to every single track on Bazzi’s album. As a supporting factor, his lyrics are usually about love and relationships. Hence, without a doubt that you’ll fall in love with him even more after listening to his record. If you follow him on social media, it is evident through his posts that he is very much in love with his girlfriend, Renee. Bazzi even dedicated Renee’s song to her in celebration of their anniversary being together. How cute right!

With that said, heartthrob Bazzi recently released a new track – I Got You. Prior to the release of the song, he even teased fans on his social media account. He explained that he “…woke up today and decided to make a song and have to put it online no matter what.” Guess what? He did!


Credits: Bazzi’s Twitter

How did I react after I first heard his new song? Well, I swooned. While listening to the lyrics carefully, it is pretty obvious that this song was meant for the leading lady in his life. I love every aspect of the song and secondly his soulful voice. I would highly recommend to everyone who is reading this to have a listen to I Got You as the lyrics as it so sweeeeet! Also, not forgetting, Bazzi has also started a dance challenge to this song on famous app –  Tik Tok and look out for the hashtag #igotyouchallenge! Enjoy Bazzi’s I Got You on Spotify and Youtube !

In the midst of this ongoing pandemic, I wish all of our readers good health. Take care and stay safe everyone. 🙂

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