The 2 Ingredients Snack: Tahu Terbalik!

During this circuit breaker, I am sure you have noticed that some of your friends or family members have turned into a Chef or Baker. Countless of insta story and posting of their achievements have been a norm for the past week.

Some of us gets inspiration from all their postings. Similarly, for me, I managed to do this recipe because I found it on Instagram. I am the type of person who loves straightforward and easy recipes.

So let me present to you, Tahu Terbalik (Inside Out Tofu) inspired by an Instagram user Ely. You will need Round Puff Tofu and Bobo’s Fish Paste.


Firstly, slit open the tofu. Then turn the tofu inside out.


Once done, insert the fish paste into the pocket tofu. Make sure you have mix the fish paste before inserting it. If you like it spicy, you have add some Chili Padi into the fish paste. Then, it is ready to fry the tofu.

Fry the tofu until golden brown. If you like it crispier, fry it longer. And you are done! Serve it with your preferred sauce. I served mine with Chilli Soy Sauce.

If you love Pasar Malam food and I am sure are missing the food, you will find this Tahu Terbalik similar to the Fried Fish Paste You Tiao.

Happy trying and tag us if you managed to do it!


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