KFC’s Brown Sugar Boba Tea Tart: Yay or Nay

It is now time for everything Brown Sugar related to shine. Previously, it was the era of the salted egg. It is not a surprise that everyone is now jumping on the Brown Sugar bandwagon.

Credits: KFC Singapore

Introducing KFC’s Brown Sugar Boba Tea Tart. The name itself got me salivating and looking at the picture, I cannot wait to bite into it! So was it worth the calories and did it live up to its name?

When I first bite into the tart, the tart itself was really soft unlike what you saw on the picture where the tart looks solid. Then I tasted the boba. The boba was not hard and it was like jelly. There was a familiar taste to it. Not your typical Brown Sugar pearl or normal pearls, but it reminds me of grass jelly.

I gave the tart a second chance and took a bite on another tart but the result was the same – disappointing.

So please don’t waste your calories on this tart and just buy the real deal – Brown Sugar Fresh Milk from a nearby bubble tea shop!

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