Catch Gavin James this October in Seoul!

Despite the fact that Gavin James’ Nervous was released two years ago, it recently garnered some attention again thanks to the popular K-pop group – BTS. One of BTS’ members, Jimin, sang along to it during one of his livestreams and his fans fell in love with the single.

Irish singer-songwriter, Gavin James is no stranger to the entertainment industry. With a platinum-selling debut album and headlining sold out arena tours to an audience of 15,000 and supporting Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith, James is a star of his own right! It is no surprise that people fall in love with his voice instantly when they hear it.
Nervous was from his debut album Bitter Pill. The song has since accumulated over 250 millions streams collectively on Spotify and I believed it will only continue to be on the up and up! If you are in Korea in October, you are in for a treat. James will be performing at MUV Hall, Seoul, South Korea on October 12!

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