Westlife Revisiting Its Glory Days: The Twenty Tour!

It was an unforgettable moment for most of the audience in Singapore as the Irish Pop group, Westlife sang their hearts out at the National Stadium. They are the beloved childhood favourite band for many people born in the late 90s and early 20s. The band was in Singapore for their 20th Anniversary concert after six years of hiatus.

Credits: Singapore Sports Hub

Westlife started off their concert with one of their new releases, Hello My Love and continued with classic hits such as Swear It Again and My Love. Westlife then greeted the fans in Singapore and thanking everyone for being part of their career for 20 years. Westlife also wished Singapore a Happy 54th Birthday. With the immense heat in Singapore, vocalist Nicky Bryne said that it felt like they were doing a show in a sauna, causing huge laughter from the crowd.

Credits: Singapore Sports Hub

Westlife continued the concert with several classic upbeat songs of theirs such as When You’re Looking Like That, Uptown Girl and If I Let You Go which brought the crowd up on their feet to move along to the song. They also sang the newly released Better Man which was co-written by Ed Sheeran.

Credits: Singapore Sports Hub

Westlife covered several songs from British rock legends such as Queen and as they sang an acoustic medley of the other hit songs of their own such as Fool Again, I Have A Dream, Unbreakable, creating another karaoke session throughout the whole stadium.

Credits: Singapore Sports Hub

Westlife ended the night with an encore to put a final note to their concert performing their latest released song Dynamite and two hit songs of theirs, Flying Without Wings and World Of Our Own. All in all, the concert was filled with memories and reminisce of our childhood.

Credits: Singapore Sports Hub

It is proven that, no matter how long Westlife has been gone, they would still remain as one of the living legend band in the industry and the world.

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