Singapore Next Rising Star, Estelle Fly!

Commemorating Singapore’s National Day, The Fifth Parlour proudly feature a homegrown performer, Estelle Fly. She acts, dance and sing. The beautiful performer is one the latest edition to Zendyll Records, a label produced by Jon Chua from The Sam Willows.

She has released her debut single – Love Like This. The single is based on a personal story which depicted qualities that were resulted from unpleasant effects of unrequited relationships, which are unavoidable for many. Fly shared that she performed it in an unconventional way to suppress the emotional filled lyrics. The music video showcased her electrifying dance moves with her luscious and sweet dramatic vocals.

Credits: Zendyll Records

From her humble beginnings in school to the success of being scouted as a member of a four-piece Japanese idol group, Sea*A, Fly recalled how she needed to put in a lot of commitment and hardwork in order to stay relevant in the Japan’s industry. As a local, Japanese is not her first language hence, she needed to put in extra work to perfect her pronunciation.

As a new artiste, Fly is ecstatic for her future collaborations and performance. She expressed happily during the interview that she would like to work with local performers such as Jon from The Sam Willows. That is exactly the concept of Zendyll Records, to encourage local performers to collaborate and drive success locally and beyond.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Credits: Zendyll Records

The bright future awaits for Estelle as the release of her EP hits the various streaming platforms. She develops herself as a performer in the entertainment industry as she has multiple talents and as well as a premium gamer in Overwatch as she proudly shared with us.

If you are waiting to catch Fly live, you will be glad to know that she is one of the performers that will be performing at Music Matters 2019 next month! More information will be released soon. Keep updated with Fly’s activities by following her on her social medias; Facebook and Instagram !

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Estelle Fly for taking time for the interview and Zendyll Records for coordinating the interview. 

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