The Ultimate Karen Mok Show: A Celebration of Mok’s 25th Anniversary in the Industry

The multi-talented Hong Kong diva, Karen Mok 莫文蔚 was in Singapore last week for a press conference for her upcoming concert tour. The Ultimate Karen Mok Show is a celebration of her 25th anniversary in the industry since her debut.

For her upcoming concert, she revealed that there will be varieties of performances where she will be showcasing culture of the state or  province she is in. Since Singapore is famous for Chili Crab, host Cheng Yao suggested a Chili Crab dance for her Singapore show. “It is possible!” said Mok with a huge smile. This tour is said to be one of the biggest scale pop concert she has ever produced. Fans can expect some surprises!

Mok has been in Singapore several times and shared that she miss eating the Pandan Cake. Even though she she is on a strict diet to maintain her figure, she will make an exception for her favourite cake and will take a bite of it whenever she is in Singapore. Who could resist the smell of Pandan Cake?

Mok also shared her plans for 2020. She is planning to take a break to rest and go for vacations with her husband. She is still unsure if she will be releasing any music as it is still in the midst of discussion. Mok also shared that she is keen to produce the first ever Chinese Broadway Musical. During her time on London, she watched several musical shows and even had to opportunity to audition for the musical Miss Saigon. She hopes that she will be able to make this a reality and feels that China should also have a musical theatre just like how London has West-End and New York has Broadway.

With her experience both in the acting and singing industry, you can expect that this tour will be worth the money! Get your tickets on Sports Hub Tix, Singapore Indoor Stadium and all SINGPOST outlets.


Event Details:

Date: 15 June 2019, Saturday

Time: 8 pm

Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium

Tickets: $108, $138, $168, $198, $228 (excluding booking fee)


The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Live Nation Singapore for the invitation to the press conference. 

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