The Scottish Psychopath – Journey of Drew McIntyre

The Chosen One. The Scottish Psychopath. These are the names that were given to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Superstar’s Drew McIntyre when he made his debut in WWE.

WWE fans have known McIntyre from when be first started as the Chosen One, and he has had a great run with the company since. But it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows when he first started. After becoming the Intercontinental Champion back then, the company decided to drop McIntyre from the WWE roster, but that didn’t stop him. Starting back from the ground up he worked his way back to the chopping board, and started to watch WWE main event matches, relearning the ropes from there. Being just 21 back then, he had to teach himself to be more matured. He wrestled in the indies for a few years before WWE began noticing the changes in him and decided to sign him once again and developing him more in NXT.

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Being in NXT taught McIntyre all that he hadn’t learn back in the day, such as debuting in NXT to closing the shows and winning the NXT Championship. Despite all of this, McIntyre never forgotten about all the superstars that he had wrestled along the way who have paved the way for him to develop himself to be the wrestler he is today.

With a strong lineup in the UK Wrestling scene recently, WWE decided to expand their branding with NXT UK. McIntyre has nothing short of praises for the new brand, commenting that WWE are doing a great job by having a strong focus on the UK scene. He said that he would love to see some NXT UK wrestlers move up to the main roster, this including Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate and Wolfgang. When asked who he would like to wrestler from NXT UK, McIntyre named He and Walter as potential opponents. He explained that it would be a match that would have fans at the edge of their seats.

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Credits: WWE

With an amazing run with the main roster, McIntyre has had some amazing matches along the way. He quipped that his match with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose for the RAW Tag Team Championship with Dolph Ziggler was one of the main highlights in his career. If he ever got to do a main headline Wrestlemania, he would do it with AJ Styles.

McIntyre is known to be very vocal of how the company chooses to push certain superstars for certain championship matches. He certainly knows how it feels to be on the sidelines watching your colleagues taking the spotlight. His advice to fellow wrestlers is to give their 150% in everything and giving your all in every area. He also commented on how The Man Becky Lynch is using the power of Social Media to her advantage and using that to leverage herself in order to get the company to notice that the fans want to see more of her.

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With the female roster growing bigger and meaner, it is the first time in WWE history to have a female wrestler main-eventing Wrestlemania. McIntyre had nothing but positive comments regarding this. He even mentioned that as a result of the male superstars tend to not want to have a match right after them, because the females superstars are always stealing the spotlight and leaving the fans tired from all the energy they have given. If he does have an opportunity to wrestle alongside one female superstar, he would choose Ronda Rousey, saying that she could snap anyone’s arms in an instant.

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Credits: WWE

WWE is known for a heavy regime with their constant touring around the world and having the superstars wrestle day and night. What motivates McIntyre to continue on this path are his passion and dreams, that help fuel his energy, as well as to travel the world and see the things that no one else has the opportunity to.

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The Fifth Parlour would like to thank WWE for giving us the opportunity to interview Drew McIntrye and Drew for taking his time out of his heavy schedule touring!

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