Jesse Ruben Injects Positive Messages in His Music

Survivor, singer, songwriter, these are some of the titles to describe Jesse Ruben who recently released his EP, Hope. The Fifth Parlour had the opportunity to have a short chat with Ruben over the phone earlier this month.

Credits: Jesse Ruben’s Facebook Page

Ruben always keeps in mind to spread positive messages through his music. ‘I can. You can. We Can.’ That is the mantra he would like to share with his fans and the world because he feels that positivity is really important, especially with so many crazy things happening in the world right now. It is evident that these messages were portrayed in his first EP where he went through a difficult period of his life while being diagnosed with Lyme Disease.

Recalling his experience, he shared about how scary and difficult it was. Thankfully, he was able to get through the difficult period with the support of many individuals such as his wife, family and friends. He wrote This Is Why I Need You, which is featured on the EP, to thank those who have been there for him. “It is hard when you are dealing with not hearing well. Day after day, you forget what it is like to feel normal you know?” shared Ruben.

After getting better, Ruben wanted to produce something that provided hope for people because he feels that so many people are going through a lot in life. “I wanted to create a music that would help them,” explained Ruben and that is how his latest EP, Hope was born.

Currently, Ruben is working on a full length album and will begin recording next year. He really hopes he will get to perform in Asia as he wants his music to reach out to as many people as possible.

Outside of music, Ruben is highly active in philanthropic endeavours. He runs marathon and is the founder of The We Can Project, an initiative for elementary and middle school students, designed to help them discover their passions and give back to their communities. He has since completed six marathons supporting spinal chord injury and Lyme Disease research.

It is great to see how Ruben is using music as a platform for him to spread positive messages as well as encourage fans to contribute back to the society. Be like Ruben and the world will be a greater place for you and me. We hope Ruben will tour Asia soon and continue spreading positive messages to more people around the world. Stay up to date with Ruben by following him on Facebook Page, Instagram and website.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Jesse Ruben for the interview and Universal Music Singapore for coordinating the interview.


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