Walking down memory lane with Shane Filan

When I first heard about the venue that Shane Filan was going to perform at, I was sceptical because it did not seem fitting for him. I personally felt that an indoor venue would suit his style of performance better. But boy was I wrong.

Having been in the industry for years, Filan appeared to be comfortable on stage with the aid of lighting and an LED pane to back him up. I must say that the organiser did a wonderful job by having two categories, Cat 1 and 2, which gave the audience breathing space so they could enjoy the concert comfortably.

I had the time of my life yesterday being serenaded with hit songs from the 90s as well as material from Filan’s solo album. I never had the opportunity to catch Westlife live so I was really thankful that he sang songs such as Swear it Again, My Love, Uptown Girl and many more classics from Westlife. It certainly felt like I was at a Westlife concert. The fangirl in me could not help but sing my lungs out as I heard these songs.

Filan’s personality shines on stage. He never failed to connect with the fans by teasing and imitating their actions every now and then, melting the hearts of the girls (or should I say women) at The Coliseum. As with most concerts, a sea of phones were being held up constantly to film favourite moments. Observing that, Filan urged everyone to put aside their phones during his cover of rock band Daughtry’s What About Now.

The concert took me on a trip down memory lane and I truly felt like I was being transported back to my secondary school days of listening to Westlife on a CD player or the radio. It felt so surreal to finally hear the songs live, albeit without the presence of the rest of the Westlife members.

I certainly hope that Westlife will reunite for a show sometime. I wish I could have heard more songs from his solo album, but perhaps he is reserving it for his next concert in Singapore. Well, I guess it is see you soon then, Shane Filan.

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