Film Review: Daddy You, Daughter Me

Daddy You, Daughter Me, is a 2006 adaptation of the Japanese novel Papa to Musume no Nanokakan by Takahisa Igarashi. The South Korean comedic film is directed by Kim Hyung Hyup. The story revolves around a family of three a mother, father and daughter.

The father, a manager from a liquidation unit at a cosmetic company, is played by Yoon Je-moon (The Last Princess, 2016). The daughter is played by Jung So-Min (My Father is Strange, 2017). The film depicts the troubled relationship between a father and his only teenage daughter. Both having problems of their own, Sang-Tae the sole breadwinner finds ways to cultivate the distant relationship with his daughter, Do-Yeon. Sang-Tae tries to overcome the stress from work, making tough choices to keep his department afloat.

He keeps his work and family life separate. Meanwhile, Do-Yeon is suffering peer pressure about the local exams and relationship with boys. They both wind up arguing under a specific tree and switched bodies after a road accident that night. The father and daughter ended up switching lives for a week. Sang-Tae’s promotion was on the line, and Do-Yeon was going to go on her first date with a boy she liked at school.

The Korean film depicts a similar situatiom tovthe Hollywood movie, Freaky Friday. In Freaky Friday, the change is between a mother and her daughter. The Asian twist of shows the significant differences such as the relationship between parent and child. Do-Yeon has to live the tough corporate treatment her father had from his superior in order rise up the ladder and Sang-Tae had to put in 101% effort for the national exams which was getting tougher. It gives an interesting look into Korean society, living in the shoes of two individuals from different generations. The cheerful and heartwarming film was funny in many aspects and the grandfather,deapite playing a small role, was the key for the two characters to return to their normal selves.

Keep an eye out for Daddy You, Daughter Me when it is released on 7th September 2017!

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