Nathan Sykes Sets His Sight on Bigger Plans with Second Album

Nathan Sykes is no stranger to Singapore. Sykes has been in Singapore thrice, in 2011, 2012 and 2013 with his then band, The Wanted. This trip in 2017 marks a new beginning for Sykes as he’s making his debut as a solo performer.

The Fifth Parlour had the opportunity to chat with the British singer on Friday before his debut performance at myvillage. Last November, Sykes released his debut album, Unfinished Business, which received great response.

His single, More Than You’ll Know, which has a soulful vibe as described by Sykes was the first song written for the album. Sykes revealed that when he first heard the song, he knew this song is the perfect song which defines him as an artiste.

The hardworking young man is currently in the midst of producing his second album, spending a lot of time in the studio and writing. I bet another place he spent most of his time will be in the toilet since it was revealed that he got most of his inspiration in the shower! Famous and Money were the result of his shower stint where he recorded voice notes on his phone during his shower. Curiosity got over me and I asked how long his shower session was during both songs. 10 to 15 minutes was his answer!

He then walked me through the process of his shower session. His bathroom journey starts from shower to getting ready such as doing his hair and then he will have his voice recorder by his side so he can record it as and when he likes it.

The upcoming album will be a continuation of Unfinished Business however, fans can expect a progression of the sound. There will be some familiarity but this album will solidify himself as an artiste. On when fans can expect new music, Sykes keep hinting to us that it will very soon. As of now, the songs are going into the mixing stage hence, fans expect to hear new single in the summer!

Despite being in Singapore for a few times, Sykes has never tasted Durian. Hence, we surprised him with a Durian cake and some Singapore snacks such as Gems Biscuit, Haw Flakes and White Rabbit Candy. I have never seen anyone more excited to try Durian. Sykes seemed eager to have a taste of it. Sykes also shared that he is a fan of Singapore food. Being a fan of seafood, it is no surprise that he chose Chili Crab as his choice of food. Just so you know, he can handle the spiciness!

What is next for Sykes?

Other than his new music, fans can expect a tour. So stay tuned to his social medias to know when and where he will be next!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Nathan Sykes for the interview and Universal Music Singapore for the invitation.

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