Feel the Heat with Kylie Hughes’ New Single

Back in October, we featured pop artist Kylie Hughes and shared with you about her new music video, Take Me Anywhere as well as her upcoming album.  Great news for fans who have been waiting patiently for her debut album! It will be out next month – May 26!

Recently, Hughes just released her new single, Heat from her upcoming self-titled album. Hughes revealed that this single makes her feel sexy and fun and most importantly, it makes her want to dance. I bet she is not the only one feeling that way because right from the start of the song, my head started swaying to the beat of the music. The beat of the music just want make you want to move.
Hughes got her inspiration for this song from muscle cars. “I love muscle cars and I love movies like Footloose, where the guy pulls up in the hot car and the girl jumps in and they drive off into the sunset making out…this song gives me that carefree/reckless feeling,” explained Hughes.
Are you all ready for May 26?
Stay connected with the singer-songwriter via her websiteFacebook PageInstagram and Twitter.

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