Film Review: Part Time Spy

South Korean comedy film, Part-Time Spy is a must watch!

Credits: Encore Films

Starring Kang Ye-won as Jang Young-sil, a 35 years old national security agent who was let go from her contract job days before she was confirmed because of her superior – the deputy director played by Jo Jae Yun, in an attempt to cover up his mistake for getting the agency in a voice phishing scam.

Young-sil who wanted a permanent position, volunteered to retrieve the stolen funds at the phishing corporation and in return was promised a position by the deputy director. While going undercover at the call centre, she is acquainted with a police officer, Na Jung-an played by Han Chae-a, from the Intellectual Crimes Unit. Being a badass and firm officer, Jung-an was tasked to gather intel and find clues about the mysterious chairman running the corporation. Both agents discovered each other identities during an operation and were forced to work together.

It is a must watch for those who enjoy uncovering mysteries as it tickles your bone. It is not your average Korean chick flick film. The antagonist, Young-sil is full of surprises during the missions. The villains are not bad either! You will be daydreaming or in this case,”night dreaming” as you witness the mafia related activities with the ever so charming, Choi Min-suk played by Namkoong Min. He was responsible for the operation at the corporation of the call centre that targets high profile people in Korea. Pardon the silly and unfortunate mishaps and you will enjoy the film, no questions ask.

Part-Time Spy is out at the cinemas on 6 April 2017!

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